Spring is Pressure Washing Season

Spring has just arrived.

Are you ready to get your outdoor area looking great again?

Spring is pressure washing season and people are going nuts looking for the best one to buy. Just take a look at the data:

Google Trends Data for Popular Pressure Washer Keywords

Best Pressure Washer Google Trends

This chart shows us the 5-year history of the keywords ‘pressure washer reviews’ and ‘best pressure washer’. It is indicative of the pressure washing on-season and off-season. As you would expect the off-season is winter and on-season is Spring and Summer.

Let’s look at the best things to pressure wash to kick-off the Spring cleaning season:

1. Concrete and Brick Driveways

Your driveway is one of the most important factors in giving your home curb appeal. A nice clean driveway makes it look new.

My parents recently put in a brand-new driveway and it cost them $7,000 for a driveway that can comfortably fit 4 cars (500 sq-ft).

A medium-duty pressure washer to make your old driveway look new will only cost $300. Not a bad investment if you ask me.

2. Wood Decks

Do you like to entertain in the Summer?

Backyard BBQs?

Cleaning your wood deck or back patio is essential before inviting friends and family over.


Because the Winter has probably made the wood look dark and aged and it now has some moss and mildew on it which needs to be cleaned off to make it less slippery and more fresh looking.

With a pressure washer and the right soap (don’t use bleach) you can quickly pressure wash your wood deck without damaging it.

Once you have your new pressure washer you can also take care of the grill, patio furniture and house siding this Spring season.

Not bad.

3. Vehicles

Have you ever gone to a car wash just because it was easier than sponge and bucket of soap?

I know I have.

But with a pressure washer you can use less water and get the same effortless clean of a car wash. Here’s our how-to guide for cars and trucks. The gist is you want to use the right nozzle and start by holding the spray a few feet from the car moving closer to remove dirt.

Who knows you might even start thinking cleaning your car is fun.

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