What Everybody Ought to Know About Pressure Washer Prices

Pressure Washer PricesEver wonder what a $12,000 pressure washer looks like?

What about a $530 hose?

Below are 8 pressure washer prices categories ranging from below $50 to above $5000.

Within each category is 3 examples what you get in that range.

(Note: The $12,000 washer is at the top and the $530 hose near the bottom)

Pressure Washer Prices: $5000 & Above


Shark Hot Water Heavy Duty Truck Skid Mount Power Washer$11,999 – Shark Brand Skid Mounted 3,500 PSI 5.6 GPM Diesel Heated Hot Water 27 HP Gas Powered Engine Belt Driven Pump Industrial Series Pressure Washer

This is one of the most expensive power washers at nearly $12k. There are more expensive ones, but they come on expensive trailers, so you’re really paying heaps for the trailer itself.

You’re paying for industrial quality. It has the best of everything – 27 HP engine, belt driven 5.6 GPM 3500 PSI pump, diesel powered heater and 1-1/4″ powder coated steel frame for vehicle mounting.

The unit is built for commercial all-day-everyday-use.

Dirt Killer 3000 PSI Hot Water Electric Pressure Washer$6,470 – Dirt Killer Hot Water Electric Powered Industrial Power Washer 3,000 PSI 4 GPM

When you combine an electric motor that can move an industrial grade pump to generate 3,000 PSI and 4 GPM with a hot water schedule 80 heating tank/coil you get an expensive pressure cleaner.

For comparison, if you got this spec pressure washer with gas instead of electric powered pump it would cost $2k less.

If you want electric and hot water and need industrial quality this is the premier unit.

Pressure Washer Trailer Mounted$6,199 – Pressure Washer Mounted on Trailer With Water Tank

Here is a 3,500 PSI gas powered cold water pressure cleaner mounted on a trailer with a water tank.

You’re obviously paying about $5k for the trailer, tank and workmanship.

Nonetheless, a great option if you’re a mobile pressure washer and you go to sites with no water supply.

Pressure Washer Prices: $2000 to $5000


Shark SGP 3000 PSI Hot Water Pressure Cleaner$4,999 – Shark 3,000 PSI 3.5 GPM Hot Water Gas Powered Commercial Series Power Cleaner

Most of the hot water pressure cleaners live in the $2k to $5k range.

As you saw above, to get out of the $5k range the GPM jumps up above 4 GPM (bigger pump and more hot water heating ability).

Simpson Heavy-duty 5000 PSI Washer$3,999 – Simpson 5,000 PSI 4 GPM Cold Water Belt Driven Gas Pressure Washer

When you remove the hot water capability you can get a lot of cleaning capacity for a decent price.

This Simpson unit is about as powerful you’ll ever need, and comes on wheel cart to move it around the job site as necessary.

Pressure Pro Electric Heavy Duty Washer$2,499 – A Heavy-duty Commercial Grade Electric Powered 3,500 PSI 4 GPM Pressure Washer

This unit has a 10 HP electric motor made for everyday use.

This is the premium you have to pay to get an electric powered commercial quality heavy-duty power cleaner.

Pressure Washer Prices: $1000 to $2000


Simpson Mini Brute Hot Water Power Cleaner$1,799 – Simpson Light-duty Gas Hot Water Power Washer

This is the most affordable hot water pressure washer prices. It is extremely light-duty at 1,200 PSI, but with the hot water you should be able to take care of most surfaces easily.

Simpson has just put a light duty electric washer on a cart with the heating coil/tank. The tank absorbs most of the $1,799 cost as the pressure washer would only be about $150.

DeWalt 4200 PSI Power Washer$1,140 – DeWalt 4,200 PSI 4 GPM Direct Drive Gas Power Washer

The same spec electric pressure washer would be 3x the price. So if you want extra heavy-duty it is most affordable to go gas power.

DeWalt equipped this one with a Honda GX engine and direct drive CAT pump, which means commercial quality and extended weekly use (~4 hrs/day).

Pressure Cleaner Prices: $400 to $1000


Generac 5997 4000 PSI Commercial Power Washer$889 – Generac Heavy-duty Commercial Gasoline Pressure Cleaners 4,000 PSI 4 GPM

In this price range we start to see the most popular commercial heavy-duty gas power cleaners. Generac and Simpson brands dominate.

This one shown has a 420cc OHV engine made by Generac. It has professional grade everything so it is perfect for 4 hrs/day use around the job site or as a rental pressure cleaner.

Whirl a Way Stainless Surface Cleaner$619 – 4,000 PSI Capable Stainless Steel 24″ Surface Cleaner

Here is the most expensive pressure cleaning accessory. It is a savoir for professional pressure washers who focus on flat surfaces.

It makes quick work of parking lots, warehouse floors, tennis courts, huge emptied swimming pools and other commercial uses.

Goodyear EP Gauntlet Pressure Washer Hose$537 – Goodyear EP Gauntlet Pressure Washer Hose 1,500 PSI

Here’s the most expensive hose you’ll ever see. The reason for the price is “its nitrile synthetic rubber tube offers maximum resistance to both petroleum-based oils and animal fats.” In other words, this hose won’t break down for nothing.

It works at all temperatures (-20 to +200 F / -29 to +93 C).

Simpson PS3228-S 3200PSI Gas Pressure Washer$499 – Simpson Powershot 3,200 PSI 2.8 GPM Gas Power Washer

This is the price range where the top residential washers meet the lowest power commercial gas pressure washers.

If you’re using all-day-everyday then you should be looking to spend $499 and above. Less than that and you’re getting the designed-for-around-the-home-on-the-weekend cleaners.

Price $200 to $400


Genarac 6024 3000PSI Gas Pressure Washer$359 – Generac 6024 3,100 PSI 2.7 GPM Residential Gas Powered

In this price range the most powerful residential power washers appear. They’re meant for use around the home, or job site if not used all-day-everyday.

Perfect for weekend jobs around the home like gutters, driveway, house, car (with the right nozzle) and wood decks.

Electric Pressure Washer$299 – Karcher K5.540 Electric 2000 PSI 1.4 GPM

Here is the most expensive residential electric pressure washer.

Starting at this price range and power most decide to go with gas powered because you get more value for the money.

This one remains popular because it has a water-cooled induction motor to allow it to operate at 2,000 PSI without overheating.

General Pump Telescoping Wand$229 – General Pump 24-foot Telescoping Wand

For the best telescoping wand you’ll pay just more than $200.

It’s 24-foot long and should assist in cleaning your 2nd story gutters from the driveway.

It works with pressure washers up to 3500 PSI.

Price $100 to $200 *Bestselling Power Washer Range*


AR383 1900PSI Electric Pressure Washer$151 – AR Blue Clean 1,900 PSI Electric Pressure Cleaner

In the $100 to $200 pressure washer prices range are the most popular electric pressure cleaners. Most people only need one to do seasonal cleans of the driveway and back deck and clean the car each weekend.

The AR Blue brand is the bestselling and this one is medium-duty and only $151.

It comes with a 20-foot hose and 30-foot power cord so you have lots of portability to get to the far-away parts of your yard.

5000 PSI Nozzle$118 – 5000 PSI Orifice Rotating Nozzle

When you’re a professional pressure washer you’ll spend more on nozzles than most people would spend on their pressure cleaner.

This 5000 PSI rotating turbo nozzle will make quick work of any surface.

AR Blue Clean AR112 1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer$104 – AR Blue Clean AR112 1,600 PSI Electric

The second most popular on the market is the little-brother of the most popular one (shown above for $151).

The AR112 by AR Blue Clean is 1,600 PSI and very lightweight – it could almost be considered handheld.

Price $50 to $100


AR Blue Clean Light Duty Electric Pressure Washer$93 – AR Blue Clean AR118 1,500 PSI Hand Carry Electric Pressure Washer

1,500 PSI is still 30x a garden hose. So don’t laugh at how small this handheld washer is. It will easily peel grime off your back deck, driveway and car wheel wells.

It produces 1.5 GPM. So if you’re washing your car with this pressure cleaner instead of a garden hose and soapy water, you’ll use 20% the water – and get the job done faster.

Karcher Surface Cleaner$68 – Karcher Surface Cleaner

Surface cleaners are a useful accessory to your pressure washer. They speed up cleaning of flat surface by many multiples.

This one works with cleaners up to 2650 PSI and clean a 12 inch area at once.


Briggs and Stratton Pressure Washer Gun$59 – Briggs and Stratton Pressure Washer Gun

Here is one of the better replacement guns. It is made with stainless steel and brass components.

It will fit onto most pressure washer brands with M22 fitting. It is capable of up to 3,000 PSI.

Price Under $50


Briggs and Stratton 6195 Quick Connect Turbo Nozzle

$28 – Briggs and Stratton Turbo Nozzle

Most of the nozzles and accessories for electric pressure washers are in the under $50 category.

This is the most popular turbo nozzle. A turbo nozzle shoots a pin-point jet of water for intense cleaning.

Briggs and Stratton Quick Connect Nozzles$23 – Briggs and Stratton Quick Connect Nozzles

You’ll need different type nozzles for different jobs. The white color nozzle shoots a low impact 40 degree wide sheet of water – perfect for washing windows and cars.

The red nozzle shoots a high impact 0 degree stream to remove the toughest stains.

These connect to any pressure washer and are quick connect style.

Surface Cleaner AR Blue Clean 10 inch$19.99 – AR Blue Clean Surface Cleaner

AR Blue Clean also makes a surface cleaner. This one is for AR Blue Clean brand cleaners. It clean a 10 inch wide area at once and has no splash back.

Get one to speed up flat surface jobs like back deck, driveway and garage.

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