Let’s look at the parts and accessories that will increase your power washer’s cleaning performance and capacity.

Pressure Washer Parts and AccessoriesThere are three categories listed below:

  1. Accessory products – Increase cleaning capacity and performance
  2. Replacement parts – Parts to repair a broken pressure cleaner
  3. Troubleshooting guide – Videos and links to help diagnose a problem and attach parts.

It is important to know the difference between the different accessory products and replacement parts. Why? Because:

  • If you’re cleaning flat surfaces like your back deck or driveway there is what’s called a surface cleaner that will decrease clean time by 4x.
  • If you’re cleaning nasty surfaces like an oil-stained garage floor there are detergent options to make that job effortless.

Below is a listing-of and guide-to the different pressure washer parts and accessories.

Accessory Products – Increase Cleaning Capacity and Performance

Surface Cleaners

Surface Cleaner AR Blue Clean 10 inch

AR Blue Clean Surface Cleaner

AR Blue Clean 10″ Surface Cleaner

  • Saves time by cleaning 10″ wide area gently as it hovers, providing streak-free, professional results for patios, decks and driveways.
  • Keeps water from splashing outwards, focusing spray within 10″ area.
  • Suitable for all AR Blue Clean washers.
  • See full specs here…
Briggs and Stratton 6178 Surface Cleaner

Briggs and Stratton 12″ Surface Cleaner

Briggs & Stratton Rotating Surface Cleaner

  • Dual high-pressure, rotating jets ensure the job is done right and faster.
  • Controls overspray so your flower beds don’t get muddy and your house siding doesn’t receive splash-back.
  • Connect accessory via quick connect wand to any pressure cleaner up to 3000 PSI.
  • See full specs here…
Karcher Surface Cleaner

Karcher T350 Surface Cleaner

Karcher 12″ Surface Cleaner

Yamaha Surface Cleaner

Yamaha 15″ Surface Cleaner

Yamaha 15″ Surface Cleaner

Spray Gun and Wand Accessories

Apache Quick Disconnect Gun With Wand and Spray Tip

Gun/Wand Kit

Apache Quick Connect Gun and Wand Kit

  • Replace old or damaged spray guns with this quick connect accessory kit from Apache.
  • Includes 5 nozzle tips and brass quick connect parts.
  • Suitable for power cleaners up to 4000 PSI
  • See full specs here…
AR North America Telescoping Lance

Telescoping Lance

AR North America Telescoping Lance

  • Comes as 6 foot extension and capable of telescoping to 18 feet.
  • Perfect for cleaning out your gutters without a ladder, or second story house siding from the ground.
  • ┬áIt is professional grade and can handle up to 4000 PSI at 7 GPM.
  • See full specs here…
Karcher 4 Piece Extension Spray Wand

Karcher Extension Wand

Karcher 4-piece Extension Spray Wand

Karcher Dirt Blaster Spray Wand

Dirt Blaster Wand

Karcher Dirt Blaster Spray Wand

  • Increases effective pressure of your washer by up to 50%.
  • Use to clean tough areas of caked on dirt and grime. Avoid use on sensitive surfaces like your car.
  • See full specs here…
Powerwasher 80012 Universal Replacement Gun

Universal Replacement Gun

Powerwasher Universal Replacement Gun

  • The universal replacement gun for electric pressure washers comes with 25 foot house and rotation handle to prevent kinks.
  • It is suited for power cleaners up to 2000 PSI.
  • See full specs here…

Hose Products

Flexzilla 50 foot Garden Hose

50 Foot No-kink Garden Hose

Flexzilla 50 Foot Garden Hose

  • The perfect accessory for pressure cleaning. Here is the best no-kink, no-memory garden hose on the market.
  • Works in all-weather (extreme cold to extreme heat).
  • 5/8″ hose with 3/4″ threads.
  • Made with a ‘Premium Hybrid Polymer’ to ensure Flexzilla is lightweight yet strong and flexible.
  • See full specs here…
Briggs and Stratton 30 Foot Replacement Hose

30 Foot Replacement Hose

Pressure Washer 30 Foot Replacement Hose

  • 1/4″ pressure washer replacement hose by Briggs & Stratton.
  • Works on all pressure washers gas or electric 1500 to 3000 PSI.
  • Connections are standard M22.
  • Affordable at around $30.
  • See full specs here…
Powerwasher 80011 Universal 25 foot Replacement Hose

25 Foot Replacement Hose

Powerwasher 25 Foot Replacement Hose

  • 1/4″ x 25 foot replacement hose.
  • Recommended usage for power cleaners up to 2600 PSI gas or electric.
  • Uses standard M22 connections.
  • Hose is abrasion and kink resistant.
  • Affordable at under $20.
  • See full specs here…
Garden hose quick connect kit

Garden Hose Quick Connect Kit

Garden Hose Quick Connect Kit

  • Use the garden hose quick connect kit to quickly attach your pressure cleaner to a water source.
  • Check valve built in to allow connection to pressure washer to be made when faucet is open.
  • See full specs here…

Fittings – Coming Soon

Nozzle Accessories

Briggs and Stratton 6177 Second Story Nozzle Kit

Second Story Nozzle Kit

Second Story Nozzle Kit

  • Designed to shoot water further than normal nozzles.
  • Easily soap and then blast the second story of your house from the ground.
  • The pink nozzle is used to spray a soapy solutions and then blast and clean it with the blue nozzle.
  • Works with pressure cleaners up to 4000 PSI.
  • See full specs here…
Briggs and Stratton Quick Connect Nozzles

Quick Connect Nozzles

Quick Connect Nozzles

  • These 5 nozzles allow flow from wand to disperse a range of spray patterns – from a 0 degree direct spray up to a 40 degree sheet spray.
  • Use the sheet spray for sensitive surfaces like windows and possible your car.
  • Universal and fit with any power washer brand with quick connection.
  • See full specs here…
Briggs and Stratton 6195 Quick Connect Turbo Nozzle

Turbo Nozzle

Turbo Nozzle

  • Use the turbo nozzle for the toughest stains and cleaning surfaces like commercial area bricks and parking lot concrete.
  • Ejects a pin-point spray in a circular pattern to clean the worst surfaces 40% faster.
  • This nozzle is compatible with pressure washers up to 3000 PSI.
  • See full specs here…


Karcher Multi Purpose Detergent Cleaner



  • Detergents are mixed with water in your on-board foamer and used to help break down dirt, grime, mildew and stains faster.
  • Combine a hot water power cleaner with a specific detergent to ensure no stain remains.
  • See full specs here…
Simple Green Driveway Detergent


Driveway and Concrete

  • Simple Green brand detergent is biodegradable and non-toxic for your pets or plants.
  • The concentrate is mixed with water at a 10:1 ratio so this 1 Gallon bottle will make 10 gallons of solution.
  • See full specs here…
Karcher Vehicle Wash Detergent

Vehicle Wash

Vehicle Wash

  • The Karcher vehicle wash allows you to quickly soap down your car and rinse away for a squeaky clean look in minutes.
  • This is the preferred method of car wash for many car rental agencies and dealerships.
  • The concentrate is mixed with water to a 20:1 ratio.
  • See full specs here…


Detergent Foam Lance

Foam Bottle Lance

Detergent Foam Lance

  • Professional high pressure foam lance with 32 oz bottle.
  • Connects to pressure cleaner gun bayonet with M22 threaded connection.
  • Picture right shows the foamer as connected to the pressure cleaner gun.
  • Sprays foam spray 20 feet.
  • See full specs here…

Maintenance Care Products and Accessories

Karcher Pump Guard

Pump Guard

Pump Guard

  • Pump Guard is used to protect your pressure washer during the winter months.
  • It adds lubrication to the valves and seals to protect it from corrosion and wear and freezing in the winter months.
  • Make sure to thoroughly drain all the water (otherwise water will expand and fracture internals of washer during winter) from washer before using.
  • See full specs here…
Pressure Washer Cover

Storage Cover

Storage Cover

  • When you’ve spent a few hundred dollars on a power clean it’s worth it to spend an extra $15 to get a cover to protect it from dirt, rust and sun damage.
  • It fits on vertical and horizontal style power washers and has an elastic bottom to keep a snug fit.
  • See full specs here…
Water Filter for Pressure Washer

Water Filter

Water Filter

  • Attaches between faucet and garden hose or garden hose and pressure washer to filter out contaminates the could damage the pump.
  • This accessory is essential if you are siphoning still water from your rain water collection tank to use as in the pressure cleaner. Also useful in more remote areas that may use aquifer supplied water.
  • Only $12.
  • See full specs here…

Replacement Parts

Power Product Parts

Gas Engine

Briggs and Stratton 205cc Gas Engine

205cc Gas Engine

Briggs and Stratton 205cc OHV Engine

  • Providing around 5.5 HP this Briggs and Stratton engine could be expected to generate around 3000 PSI in a power washer.
  • It has a recoil start and is air cooled.
  • See full specs here…
DuroMax 7Hp Gas Engine

7 HP Gas Engine

DuroMax 7 HP Electric Start Gas Engine

  • Measuring at 196cc and 7 HP you could expect this engine to generate upwards of 3000 PSI in your pressure cleaner.
  • It has full EPA and CARB approval.
  • It has 3/4″ shaft.
  • The average run time at half load is 2 hours.
  • See full specs here…

Pump Product Parts


3000psi Horizontal Pump

Horizontal Mount Generac

Max 3000 PSI Horizontal Mount Pump – Generac

  • This is a horizontal mount Generac replacement pump.
  • Generac uses horizontal shaft engines because they’re easier to install, inspect and maintain.
  • Pick this one up for about $100.
  • See full specs here…
Pressure Washer Pump Vertical Mount 7_8th inch

Vertical Mount

Max 2700 PSI 2.4 GPM Vertical Mount Pump – Himore

  • This is a vertical mount pump for a 7/8″ engine shaft.
  • It arrives oiled, sealed and ready for installation.
  • It is compatable to all brands if the measurements match – Generac, Honda, TroyBilt, Briggs and Stratton, Karcher.
  • See full spec here…
Homelite Pump 2700psi

Vertical Mount

Max 2700 PSI Vertical Mount Pump – Homelite

  • This vertical mount pump can be used on any pressure washer as long as the bolt patterns match.
  • Includes thermal release valve.
  • See full specs here…

Inlet O-ring Kit – Coming Soon

Outlet Kit – Coming Soon

Valves – Coming Soon

Troubleshooting Guide


[Video] How to Fix a Pressure Washer (Part 1 of 2)

[Video] How to Fix a Pressure Washer (Part 2 of 2)

[Video] Taking Apart an Electric Pressure Washer Pump

[Video] Replacing a Motor Capacitor in a Karcher Electric Power Washer


1. Troubleshooting pump pressure issues. PressureWasherParts.com.au.

2. Briggs and Stratton support forum. Great resource for diagnosing a problem (and knowing which part to replace it) with any brand of pressure cleaner you have.

3. Karcher power cleaner service hub on their Australian website. If you have a Karcher then check out the service hub as it has advice on getting your unit service and also has the user manuals and accessories guide.

4. AR Blue Clean Troubleshooting Knowledge-base has information for you if you have an AR Blue Clean.