What are the best and most popular pressure washer extension and replacement hose options?

Pressure Washer Hoses

Best and Most Popular

Stop wasting time moving your pressure cleaner from A to B.

An extension hose allows you to do more cleaning with less effort.

Most gas and electric pressure washers come with a 25-foot hose – that’s less than 2 Honda Civics’ length.

You won’t even be able to wash your car in one go. You’ll have to move the pressure washer to the other side to complete the wash.

Why not, for $20, get an extra 25-foot of hose to avoid that?

With the correct connection fittings you can make any extension hose a replacement (and vice-versa).

Standalone Pressure Washer Hoses

Increase Your Pressure Washer Reach to 50-feet

Powerwasher 80011 Universal 25 foot Replacement Hose

1) Powerwasher Universal 1/4-inch 25-foot Pressure Washer Hose

The most affordable extension/replacement hose on the market works with pressures up to 2,600 PSI.

Make sure to also get the 22mm hose to hose coupler fitting to ensure when it arrives you can start using straight away.

Currently it’s 27% off. Was $24.99 – Now $18.19. Also includes FREE shipping with orders over $35.

30-Foot Hose by Generac

Generac Pressure Washer Hose 3100 PSI2) Generac Universal Pressure Washer 3,100 PSI 1/4-inch 30-foot Hose

This is a universal extension or replacement hose when you purchase the most common 22mm threaded connection (or whatever your current connection size is).

Generac makes this hose for their gas pressure washer line but it will work with any washer up to 3,100 PSI.

Perfect for Use With the Most Popular Pressure Cleaner – the AR383

AR Blue Clean Pressure Washer Hose 25 Feet3) AR Blue Clean 3,000 PSI 25-foot Replacement Hose

Note that this is a replacement hose. Your current hose will act as the extension onto this one.

Also note that the AR383 hose reel will only accommodate a total of 25-feet of hose.

Included Fittings for Threaded or Quick Connect, Replacement or Extension?

50 foot Karcher Pressure Washer Hose4) 50-foot Karcher 4,000 PSI Extension/Replacement Hose

The longest extension or replacement hose on this list is constructed of commercial grade rubber and withstands up to 4,000 PSI.

Handy that it comes with 4x 22mm fittings that allow you to decide if you want threaded or quick connect and use it as an extension or replacement hose.

Pressure Washer Gun and Hose Replacements

Never Have a Leak at the Gun Again

Powerwasher 80012 Universal Replacement Gun

1) Powerwasher Electric Pressure Washer Gun and 25-foot Hose

Affordable quality.

This 25-foot hose and gun combo comes with 3 universal adaptors to ensure it fits no matter what your current pressure cleaner is.

360 degree rotation connection between hose and gun to prevent tangles and twisting in the hose.

Upgrade to Quick Connect System

Karcher Pressure Washer Hose and Gun2) Karcher Pressure Washer 25-foot Replacement Hose and Trigger Gun

This hose and gun kit comes with the quick connect connection to make it easy to change hoses or remove to store.

Designed for use on Karcher electric cleaners up to 2,000 PSI.

Warning: this hose is not compatible for units with hose reels.

Pressure Washer Hose Connections

Connect 2 Hoses Without Leaks or Loss of Pressure

North Star Hose Coupler 20mmNorthStar Hose to Hose Coupler 4,000 PSI 22mm Fitting

Buy an extra hose and this fitting to extend the reach of your pressure cleaning.

$4.00. Brass.

No leaking, no loss of pressure. Will outlast your hoses.



1. There is a very large selection of pressure washer hoses with details and specs for each hose at Ultimate Washer.com. I used that page to check typical specs of different types of pressure hoses.

2. Double checked the prices from the shop.Generac.com store to ensure Amazon was, in fact, more affordable. And it is.

3. Just had to confirm the length of a Honda Civic. It is about 15 feet long or 4.5m.

4. For all the fitting and connection talk I enlisted the help of some Wikipedia pages: quick connect and hose coupling. Both were pretty self-explanatory, but it was good to have a quick once-over.