Here you’ll learn the different styles of pressure washer you can buy, and how to pick which is best for your needs.

Pressure Washing SatelliteImagine next time you need to clean the grime off your patio, or the dirt off your outdoor satellite, or all the mud off your dirt bike – using a pressure washer all you’ll need to do is flip a switch, point the nozzle, and the surface that needs cleaning will be clean that easily.

For around the home, there’s only 2 decisions you need to make:

  1. Gas or electric power?
  2. Light duty (Less than $285) or medium/heavy use (More than $300)?

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of gas and electric pressure washers:

Gas Powered

Gas Pressure WasherIn these cleaners, gasoline is ignited in an internal combustion engine to power a pump that pushes water through the trigger gun that you’re holding…

…At the end of the trigger gun is a nozzle to further speed up the water flow to ensure enough force to remove the paint/grime/mud or whatever from the surface you’re cleaning.

Gas powered pressure washers are more powerful and more expensive than electric ones. Generally, the most expensive and powerful electric ones are similar specs to the least expensive and least powerful gasoline ones.


  • Powerful – ideal for big jobs
  • Very portable – since no need for electric cords


  • Expensive
  • More maintenance required than electric
  • Noisy
  • Exhaust emitted from engine

Recommended Usage

Gas powered cleaners are perfect for big outdoor jobs. They’re easier to take with you out on the lawn or to your cabin because you don’t have to worry about the electric cords or electricity outlets.

Examples of how people use this style:

  • Driveways
  • Large outdoor decks
  • Houses
  • Fences

Electric Powered Pressure Washer Reviews

Electric Pressure WasherElectric power washers use a small electric motor to power the pump that pressurises the water to clean whatever surface you want. These washers are limited by the 120V provided from the main power outlets in the USA.


  • Quiet
  • Most affordable
  • Indoor use okay because no emissions
  • Ease of maintenance due to less moving parts


  • Less powerful
  • Have to deal with electric cords

Recommended Usage

The ideal usage for electric power cleaners is smaller surfaces, less frequent jobs and indoor use.

  • Cleaning your boat after being in the ocean
  • Cleaning your dirt bike after a muddy ride
  • Grill
  • Anything indoors

Other Features

Detergent Injection – Some pressure cleaners allow for detergent injection. Some come stock with it. It’s a bottle that you mix parts detergent and water and it automatically gets injected into the high pressure water stream. It greatly increases the ease of cleaning any surface. Be sure to consult your product manual to see if your cleaner can do this, and how is the proper way to.

Nozzle Attachments – Just like with your garden hose nozzle that can provide different streams of the water for different applications so can a power washer.

Cold Water and/or Hot Water – Some can turn cold water into hot internally, and some can only output the same temperature water that is inputted.

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