These 11 Photo Transformations Will Blow Your Mind. You Gotta See #5… So Satisfying.

Maybe you agree…

…There’s something satisfying about running a wet cloth along a dusty surface – revealing a shiny, squeaky clean look.

It turns out you can scale that feeling up 10x. How?

Well, by power washing a grimy surface with pressurized water.

You gotta give it a try sometime. Here are 11 examples what you could accomplish:

1) A revitalized back deck.

Wood Deck Pressure Cleaned

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2) A walkway before and after a good pressure cleaning.

Walkway Pressure Cleaned

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3) Nasty. Check out the grime on this table before power cleaning.

Table Power Washed

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4) A tile roof. So cleans.

Roof Pressure Washed

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5) My personal favorite. Man, that pool was DIRTY.

Pool Pressure Cleaned

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6) This is the Prudential building in Chicago – nearly half way through a good power wash.

Highrise Building Power Washed

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7) Church of Saint-Pierre in Caen, France. Scaffolding setup to give it a good surface clean.

Church Power Washing Results

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8) This is what it looks like when you power wash the inside of a smoker’s car.

Car of Smoker Pressure Washed

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9) New York. I hope they finish off this clean. Would be extremely annoying if left like this.

Building Half Pressure Washed

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10) Just a half brand new park bench.

Bench Pressure Washed

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11) Another back deck that was overdue a pressure clean.

Back Deck Power Washed

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Show your friends this delicious power washing porn. Hey, why not.

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