Introducing 4 New Pressure Washer Buying Guides

Pressure Washer NewsYour requests have been heard.

Here are the 4 buying guides you requested. They will help you find your pressure washer unit or accessory today.

The Guides:

1. Commercial Pressure Washers

Commercial pressure washers are 4000 PSI and more.

They’re pump is either direct drive or belt driven – depending on if you’ll use it more or less than 4 hrs per day. Get a belt driven if more.

DeWalt and Simpson dominate this corner of the market.

2. DeWalt Brand Pressure Washers

As I touch on in the guide, DeWalt is just a rebadged Simpson. But usually with a better CAT pump than the Simpson AAA brand pump.

The best DeWalt washer for most people is the one that offers best value for the money.

3. Greenworks Pressure Cleaners

Greenworks is a brand manufactured in China. Another brand of pressure washer – Powerworks – is made on the same assembly line.

They’re both affordable and light-duty electric units. Well-suited for home-use on the weekends.

4. Pressure Washer Hoses

It was surprising to see pressure hoses as the fourth most requested guide. It seems like a simple enough accessory choose, right?

Well, there’s a few things to look for in a pressure washer hose. And you need to make sure you know what you’re shopping for.

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