Regardless how harmless you may think it is, it is against the law to let your pressure washing go down the street storm drain in Georgia.

In the state of Georgia you must do one of the following to avoid being fined up to $11,000 per day:

1. Obtain permission to direct the wastewater to a Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) through a sanitary sewer or combined sewer system at the job site.

2. Collect the wastewater from the job site and arrange for disposal at a POTW.

3. Obtain authorization to discharge to the ground by means of an exemption, notification or permit (NPDES) from the local EPA contacts.

Professional Services – Pressure Washing Contractors in Georgia

If you would rather hire a professional for a small fee to do all the work for you then here is the best option in Atlanta.

Typical pricing example: $125 for backdoor patio and lead-in walkway.

Best Pressure Washing Atlanta

After looking through the websites, reviews and testimonials of several pages of Atlanta pressure washing companies the recommended contractor is About Time Pressure Washing.

Derek runs the show there and has experience with commercial and residential pressure washing jobs. You’ll find the experience dealing with him hassle free and fun.

Company name: About Time Pressure Washing
Phone: Call Derek – Office: (404) 810-1030; cell: (612) 423-0831
Why Recommended: Licensed and insured.
Services: Gutter cleaning and window washing, deck restoration, roof cleaning and other general residential jobs. Also, on the commercial side of things: parking lots, side of buildings and graffiti removal.

Pressure Washing Savannah

Under Review…

Company name:
Why Recommended:

Equipment Rental – Pressure Washer Rental Companies

Best Pressure Washer Rental Atlanta

Northside Tool Rentals offers the most affordable pricing on pressure washer rentals.

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