California operates and enforces under the federal Clean Water Act, which states that it is a criminal offence to allow polluted pressure washing discharge to go down a storm drain.

In the state of California, you must do one of the following to avoid being fined up to $11,000 per day and avoid being criminally prosecuted:

1. Obtain permission to direct the wastewater to a Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) through a sanitary sewer or combined sewer system at the job site.

2. Collect the wastewater from the job site and arrange for disposal at a POTW.

3. Obtain authorization to discharge to the ground by means of an exemption, notification or permit (NPDES) from the local EPA contacts.

More info on your options.

If trying to figure out how to do one of these seems a hassle then why not just hire a contractor:

Professional Services – Pressure Washing Contractors in California

Pricing example California: $450 to remove mold and moss, grime, oil and grease from home garage floor and parking area and home roof.

Best Pressure Washing Los Angeles (Orange County) 

The recommended pressure cleaning contractor in Los Angeles area is KC Power Clean Inc. They’re licensed and insured, and you can check out all the other quals here. The business has been in operation since 2007. They’re currently a team of 8. Proud members of a pressure washing industry association and a window cleaning industry association.

Company name: KC Power Clean Inc.
Phone: Call 714.342.5326
Why Recommended: Licensed and insured.
Services: Pressure cleaning, window cleaning, commercial pressure washing and more.

Best Pressure Washing  San Diego

For a pressure washing contractor in San Diego take a look at San Diego Expert Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning. They’re crew averages 14 years experience and they’ve been in business since 1992. Rest assured they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Company name: San Diego Expert Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning
Contact: Call 858.703.7250
Why Recommended: Fully licensed and insured.
Services: Commercial and residential pressure washing including roof cleaning and window cleaning.

Best Pressure Washing San Jose

“Norther California’s First and Only Company that is Certified by Softwash Systems.”

That quote is taken off the pressure washing contractor you should call in San Jose’s website. The company’s name is Illuminate Palace Power Wash Services and being certified by Softwash Systems means you can rest easy knowing they won’t damage your roof or home exterior when cleaning it. Check out some of their finished projects here.

Company name: Illuminate Palace Power Wash Services
Contact: Call 408.693.5140
Why Recommended: Licensed and insured. Softwash certified.
Services: Roof cleaning, home exteriors, fences, concrete cleaning, gazebos, parking lots and more.

Best Pressure Washing San Francisco

Don’t let the simple website of Curb Appeal Pressure Washing fool you, they’re the recommended pressure cleaning contractor in the San Francisco area. Why? Because they’re fully licensed and insured and are certified in waste water management. See some before and after photos of works completed here.

Company name: Curb Appeal Pressure Washing
Contact: Call Steve at 415.656.1604
Why Recommended: Licensed and insured. Waste water management certified.
Services: Residential and commercial pressure washing including sidewalks and building exteriors.

Equipment Rental – Pressure Washer Rental California

Best Pressure Washer Rental California

Sunbelt Rentals offers a wide range of pressure washers to hire at an affordable price. Head here choose your pressure cleaner style and then enter your ZIP CODE to find the closest rental shop.

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