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Pressure Washer Rental

Warning: Before you rent a pressure washer you need to know the laws regarding wastewater.

You risk being fined $11,000 per day if you let your pressure washing water down the street drain.

The most common method of compliance is ensuring the pressure wash water never leaves the property (absorbs into the ground). This is similar to option 2 below but requires no special equipment, hence why it is the most common.

If you rent a pressure washer (or hire a contractor) there are 3 options of compliance to know about:

1. Obtain permission to direct the pressure washing sewage to a Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) through a sanitary sewer or combined sewer system (CSS).

More info on CSSs here. “Currently 40 million people in the USA have CSSs.”

2. Collect the wastewater created from using the rented power washer and dispose at local POTW. This would require barricading off the storm drain and vacuuming/pumping up the water to take away to the POTW. Even if you use a portable filtration vacuum you’ll need to get the water tested before disposing in a regular storm drain.

3. Obtain authorization to discharge to the ground by means of an exemption, notification or permit (NPDES) from theĀ local EPA contacts.

PDF with more info on your options.

It’s probably easier just to hire someone to take care of it, right?

Hiring a Pressure Washing Services Company in Your State

Professional pressure washing companies have been trained and know how to abide by local laws.

They know the local area and if combined/sanitary sewers are present.

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*Disclaimer: PressureCleanerReviews.com has no affiliation to any pressure washing contractors or rental outlets in the USA. The recommendations for contractors and rental companies are based on internet research. And although we try to recommend only companies with A+ BBB rating that are members of the relevant contractor statutory bodies (and are thus licensed and insured companies) it is expected that you will do your due diligence before hiring a contractor or power washer in your area. Only hire licensed and insured contractors! Also, ensure you call your local EPA officials to ensure compliance with municipal, state and federal regulations.