How Will Help You Find Your Pressure Washer

My goal with starting this website is to help you find your pressure cleaner fast – like today. The truth is there’s not much to choosing. You either want electric or gas… And usually, picking electric or gas is based on the size of jobs you want to perform.

  • Buy a gas if you’re a heavy-duty pressure washing enthusiast and want to do driveways and the like weekly.
  • Buy an electric if you just want to do odd jobs around the home on occasion and your car and boat.

I’ve tried to arrange this website like a catalog. And I’ve tried to make it fun to search for your pressure washer by grouping them in their respective styles and types to make searching easy – like a catalog.

About Me

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I’m a Mechanical Engineer. My experience is with industrial skid-mounted pressure washers. Here I’m checking a light-duty out at Home Depot – never hurts to ask for a test out the back.

So why do I have the authority to start a website about pressure washers?

I have a pressure washer website because I’m a Mechanical Engineer and I have experience designing them for use in industrial scale light vehicle wash pads…

…In other words: I got paid to find the best industrial pressure washers for certain use cases. This was a few years ago but I still love them… And so I started this website to stay involved in the latest news and updates in the industry.

How to Contact Me

I prefer Facebook to email. So instead of including a form for you to fill out – I’ll just direct you to the Facebook page I made for this website. Come there to have a chat.