Do you have trouble removing grease, food products and-or dirty motor oil from surfaces? Discover how a steam pressure washer can make your life easier right now

Best Steam Pressure WasherSteam cleans. High pressure hot water cleans. You combine the two and you get the ultimate cleaning tool.

Steam cleans with heat. A steam pressure washer will supply 250F to 300F (120C to 150C) temperature steam to affectively break soil bonds, which is then blasted off the surface with the high pressure water.

The best steam pressure washers are also hot water pressure washers (would it make sense if they weren’t?) They provide a wet-steam jet wash and allow you to toggle to hot water and different pressure flows.

Introducing the Best Steam Pressure Washer (Watch this 1.5+ Minute Video):

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Best Steam Pressure Washer

Steam Pressure Washing DozerNorthStar Electric Wet Steam & Hot Water 2750 PSI 2.5 GPM Pressure Washer

The best steam pressure cleaner for most people has adjustable temperature and pressure to make it perfect for different jobs.

With the turn of a button you can go from cleaning windows with a gentle warm spray to cleaning tractors with a violent intensely hot jet.

Let’s Look at the Best Benefits

1. Go from cold water to very hot steam by turning a knob.

With just the turn of a dial you can tell the power cleaner what temperature you want it to provide. If all you’re doing is moving dirt and leaves there’s no point using hot water. This feature allows you to save on energy by adjusting to cold water if you need.

2. Clean sensitive surfaces by dialling down the pressure.

On the run you can go from cleaning windows to peeling paint. It’s easy to adjust the pressure on the cleaner. Again, so you can extend the life of the machine you can adjust the pressure as the project requires.

3. Easily wheel the cleaner to the job and finish the job before having to move it again.

With 12 inch pneumatic tires and a 10-gauge steel cart you can wheel the steam cleaner around the job site with ease. And once you reach the project you won’t have to return because it also has 50 feet of high pressure hose. Both these add up to a portable washer that is a pleasure to use.

4. Rest easy knowing you’ll have a long friendship with this cleaner.

Equipped with a Leeson electric motor and Cat triplex pump you can be confident in the machines reliability and durability. The Leeson is specifically designed for high temperature applications and the Cat pump is designed with ceramic plungers. All this adds up to rugged long lasting piece of power equipment.

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