Interesting fact: Simpson and DeWalt pressure washers are the same machine – they just have different stickers on them. And Simpson’s are much more affordable. Below I’d like to reveal the best Simpson pressure washer for heavy residential use…

Simpson Pressure Washers LogoAbout 50 years ago, Jack Simspon started building and supplying powerful pressure washers to paint-contractors to prepare surfaces for painting. Today they have a wide-range of products – but still – Simpson specializes in the 3000 PSI to 5000 PSI commercial power cleaner categories.

Many believe Simpson is the benchmark for commercial power washers. Under licensing agreements, Simpson produces the DeWalt and Industrial Briggs & Stratton brand of pressure cleaner. DeWalt washers gets the Honda engine. B & S get Simpson to put their B & S American-made engine in.

If you rely on a pressure washer to make money then Simpson is a brand to consider seriously.

The Best Simpson Pressure Washer for Heavy-duty Residential Cleaning < 20 Hrs/Week

Simpson 3200PSI Gas Pressure Washer

Your best bet for heavy-duty cleaning jobs 20 hours or less a week is the Simpson PS3228-S PowerShot powered by a Honda OHC engine.

It boasts 3200 PSI and 2.8 GPM. It has an industrial pump and kink resistant hose…

…So what’s it cost?

A bargain considering nearly exact same unit with DeWalt sticker is more expensive

So why do I say best for 20 hours or less a week?

This pressure washer’s pump is directly connected with the engine – it is prone to overheating and excess vibration during extended use over time. If you use it 50 hrs a week it will fail sooner than the exact unit with a belt driven pump.

For everyday-all-day-use check out the belt driven power washers by Simpson


Assembled in USA

A lot of power equipment brands are able to offer very cheap prices by importing assembled products from China/Asia. And that’s not a problem a lot of the time. However, there is a greater chance of the customer receiving faulty goods than when assembled in the USA. Less timeframe for something to go wrong in shipping (and there’s always the worry of poor quality control in the Chinese manufacturing plants).

Simpson pressure washers are assembled in the USA in a state-of-the-art facility known for quality control and LEAN Manufacturing Principles. They upgraded their facility in March, 2009 with the purchase of the Black and Decker 250,000 sq. ft. facility in Decatur, Arkansas.

Honda Reliability

The air cooled 4-stroke OHC Honda engine is actually purpose built for applications like pressure washers. And it comes with a 2-year warranty. Honda doesn’t mind backing their engines up. Also rest easy knowing that Honda has a Honda approved engine repair shop near you. Check here to see how far from you.

Commercial Grade

  • Industrial plunger pump
  • Commercial grade Honda engine
  • 85 pounds in total – supported by  1- 1/4″ welded steel tubing carriage frame and 10″ premium pneumatic tires.

Everything about this unit is built to last. And we’d hope so at this price range.

Heavy-duty Washing Capability

This washer is 64x more powerful than a garden hose (it strips the paint off your fence with the right nozzle). It is over 3 times the cleaning power (PSI x GPM) of my top-rated electric pressure washer. There is no job too tough for this beast.


If you’re looking at the Simpson PowerShot category of powerful power washers I’m guessing this won’t be your first buy. Am I right?

Maybe you own an electric one and are happy with it, but you just need more force to knock off some stubborn stains on your garage floor. With 3200 PSI and the right nozzle and detergent, you’re floor will be looking new in 1 hour or less.

Also, with the right nozzle you can still perform more delicate jobs like your car and boat…