Here you’ll see the top 7 pressure washers for sale for the money – according to 2,509 happy buyers.

There’s 3 electric and 4 gas powered to choose from – varying in price from $150 to $500.

Take your pick…

ThumbnailPressure WasherTypePSIGPMPrice
AR383 1900PSI Electric Pressure WasherAR 383 Blue CleanElectric19001.5$150 MSRP
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PowerWorks 51102 1700PSI Electric Pressure WasherPowerworks 51102Electric17001.4$175 MSRP
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Karcher Induction Motor 2000PSI Electric Pressure WasherKarcherElectric20001.4$270 MSRP
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Generac 6596 2800 PSI Gas Powered Residential Pressure CleanerGenerac 6596Gas28002.5$299 MSRP
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Generac 6602 3100 PSI Gas Pressure WasherGenerac 6602
(Adjustable Pressure)
Gas31002.8$399 MSRP
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Simpson MSH3125-S 3100PSI Gas Pressure WasherSimpson
Gas31002.5$400 MSRP
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Simpson PS3228-S 3200PSI Gas Pressure WasherSimpson
PS3228-S Powershot
Gas32002.8$500 MSRP
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Table notes:

  1. PSI = pounds per square inch
    • This tells you how hard the water hits the surface you’re cleaning. The more “caked” the dirt or grime is to the surface the more PSI you’ll need.
  2. GPM = gallons of water per minute
    • If two cleaners have the same PSI but one has 2x the GPM, the one with 2x GPM will clean twice as fast.
  3. MSRP = Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price

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