Medium-duty power cleaners range in pressure from 1700 to 2800 PSI, cost $150 to $350 and are built for frequent-use on small and medium jobs around your home. Here we’ll look at the best gas and electric washers in the category

Medium Duty Power Cleaner LogoThree weeks ago my roommate suffered a $175 fine – his car leaked oil and stained his car space.

Our bond stated that reasonable wear and tear was acceptable but his car had been leaking serious oil all year. The new greyish concrete was now mostly black.

He was reminded of the fine and given the chance to get rid of the stain himself. And he tried – he first used soapy water and a brush… Of course that didn’t work.

Then he went and bought oil stain remover that you mix with water and he tried scrubbing that with a brush – removed maybe 15% of the stain… But it was still really bad.

I told him this was the perfect job for a 2500 PSI pressure cleaner using concrete stain detergent (pdf). It would do the job in 30 minutes and cost less than $50 to rent. He said, “yeah, yeah.”

…And ended up just coping the fine. This is the perfect example how a medium-duty power washer, for $200 give or take $50, can make your life easier (and save you money in the long run).

Medium-duty Pressure Washer Capabilities 

The added PSI and GPM in medium-duty washers allow for bigger more heavy-duty jobs to be completed with ease. Big dirty concrete surfaces and vehicles with really caked-on mud will benefit from the extra pressure from a medium-duty washer. These washers also have more equipped motors/engines and pumps so you can rest easy using it frequently.

Some other examples:

Best 3 Medium-duty Power Cleaners (1700 to 2800 PSI)


1) AR Blue Clean AR383 1,900 PSI 1.5 GPM Electric Pressure Washer

AR383 1900PSI Electric Pressure Washer

The best medium-duty power cleaner for most people is the 1,900 PSI electric powered AR Blue Clean 383. It wins this category because you get so much cleaning capability for so little money.

It’s one of the most powerful portable electric washers on the market. It features a triplex plunger pump from Annovi Reverberi (AR), which is a specialized high pressure pump brand. So expect it to be reliable cleaning your driveway, fence, gutters and house.

As you can see in the pic it has a hose reel, trolley wheels and comes with a soap dispenser and extra adjustable spray head.

2) Generac 6022/5989 2,700 PSI 2.3 GPM Gas Powered Power Washer

Generac 6022 2700PSI Gas Pressure WasherThe second best medium-duty and best gas powered medium-duty is the 2,700 PSI powerhouse from Generac.

It’s the most powerful washer on this list, and also the most expensive at around $350. It’s gas powered and gives you 2.17x the cleaning power (PSI x GPM) of the number 1 pick.

If you’re looking for the best medium-duty on the market this is your best bet. It’ll make your driveway look brand new compared to the others on your block – and your neighbours will be paying to borrow it.

3) Karcher K5.540 2,000 PSI 1.4 GPM Water Cooled Electric Powered Pressure Washer

Electric Pressure WasherWhat sets this Karcher apart is its pumps ability to siphon still water – like from a rainwater catchment/tank – to use to clean your surfaces…

…That and Alfred Karcher, the company’s founder, invented pressure washers. So they have a lot of experience making reliable units for residential and professional use.

The reason this unit is #3 on the list and not #1 or #2 is because it costs about $250, which is about $100 more than #1 for nearly the same specs. And #2 is #2 because I wanted to slot the best gas medium-duty in at that point – and on a value for money scale outranks this Karcher.

Check out the best online prices in real-time below (the software dials-in to Google Shopping API):


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  2. Home Depot Reviews – I additionally looked through and took notes for the washers on my radar at Home Depot. The list I came up with above is where I arrived after Lowes, Home Depot, Amazon and other sources were averaged out to find the overwhelming best picks.
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