Light-duty power washers range in pressure from 1200 to 1700 PSI, cost $100 give or take $30 and are built with parts designed to meet light demands. Here we’ll look at 3 that hit the “sweet spot”…

Pressure Cleaner Light duty

There was a hail storm here a few months ago.

The hail was the size of large marbles.

It created a big mess and there were leaves and small tree branches all over…

I couldn’t wait to see people trying to clear their driveways with a garden hose. Sure enough, as I drove down the road there were 3 people in the 400m stretch using a garden hose. But one guy had a tiny pressure washer. It was electric and handheld.

I was driving slow and the driveways in my area are small. In the 20 seconds of approaching, passing and looking back at his progress he had nearly cleared his driveway. The garden hose users were frustrated and not making good progress.

Pressure washers are useful. And this is the perfect example of how a light-duty power washer, for only $100, can make your life easier.

What are other light-duty job examples?

Most of the cleaning jobs around your home can be done with a light-duty washer.

  • Cleaning your vehicles weekly
  • Cleaning your patio furniture
  • Washing you lawnmower etc.
  • Clearing small debris from your driveway
  • Cleaning your front entrance steps
  • Seasonal gutter clean
  • Seasonal driveway clean.

And other similar jobs around the home…Just keep in mind the bigger jobs will take close to twice as long with a light-duty as compared  to medium and large-duty cleaners.

What if I use my light-duty washer everyday – how fast will it breakdown? 

Prematurely. It depends how regular you use your light-duty washer. 10 hours everyday and you’ll see failures in the first month (or so). Why?

So a light-duty pressure washer will be an electric one. The motor will be fan-cooled. With continuous heavy-use the motor will always be operating at unacceptable temperatures. This puts it at risk of failure.

Karcher has introduced a medium-duty model of electric washer with a water cooled motor. This would definitely help get the heat away from the motor during extended use. Get that one if you want to use it daily.

Best 3 Light-duty Power Cleaners (Less than 1700 PSI)


1) AR Blue Clean AR112 1,600 PSI 1.58 GPM Electric Hand Carry Pressure Washer

AR Blue Clean AR112 1600 PSI Electric Pressure WasherIf you’re under a lot of pressure from your better half to get the gutters cleaned, and are trying to figure a way out of it – I’ve got a solution…

For the price of a tank of gas or 2, you can get a tool that will clean your gutters in an hour or 2. And it’ll be a cinch.

Once you get a pressure washer and gutter cleaner wand you’ll practically be able to do the job with a beer in hand – from the driveway. And in hours not days. And without bending over and injuring your back or putting yourself at risk crawling around the roof.

The AR Blue Clean AR112 is the best light-duty power cleaner out there. It’s $100. Check it out.

2) Karcher K2.350 Modular Series 1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Karcher Electric Pressure Washer K2.350So you’ve cleaned the gutters and got a get-out-of-jail-free card from your better half. You’ve had a beer or 2 and need to put the cleaner back in the garage…

Only the number 1 pick doesn’t have wheels. Meaning: you have to pick it up. Look, it’s only about 18 pounds but you’re wishing you went for a pressure cleaner with wheels to assist in these difficult times. Enter the Karcher K2.350. With wheels.

It’s an extra $20, comes with wheels 🙂 … and a VARI spray nozzle to disperse the full pressure jet into a cone shape. Perfect for tough stains over large areas like a driveway. Karcher, the brand of this pick, invented pressure washers and has over 50 years experience – they’re trustworthy.

3) AR Blue Clean AR118 1500 PSI 1.5 GPM Hand Carry Electric Pressure Cleaner

AR Blue Clean Light Duty Electric Pressure WasherKeeping on this having-a-beer-on-a-saturday-cleaning-the-gutters theme… this light-duty power washer is the most light-duty of them all. And at this stage – probably looking more like a weapon than a tool to clean. Don’t be fooled.

At 1500 PSI and 11.7 pounds this tool will get most surfaces cleaned in a hurry. I mean, it is 30x more powerful than your garden hose.

It’s the most affordable on this list and the most compact and portable. It comes with a wall mount if you only need the 30 foot of hose portability. Not bad for $90.

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  1. Reliable Plant is always a good source of information for improving your fixed plant’s maintenance program. I took a look at their electric motor tips.
  2. Seems weird to quote myself as a source but I took these picks from my very own electric washers page. The top 3 are the same with different descriptions. These are the best 3.
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