Here we’re going to look at the best Karcher pressure washer, tell you a little bit about Karcher the brand and tell you what some happy and unhappy customers of Karcher are saying…

Karcher Pressure WashersAlfred Karcher was a 49-50 year old German Engineer when he invented and built the first European hot-water pressure washer. Today, the Karcher brand brings in almost EUR 2 billion in revenue. Not bad for a private company…

They make pressure washers, cordless brooms, window cleaners as well as those sit-on floor cleaners you may see the janitor on at the local school or shopping centre (and more…).

But enough mucking around let’s get into this.

Karcher’s Best Power Washer

Karcher Induction Motor 2000PSI Electric Pressure WasherThe best Karcher pressure cleaner for most people is the X-Series K5. Next time you need to wash your car, bike, boat, driveway, gutters, back deck and or driveway then this Karcher will get the job done quick smart.

It’s an electric powered washer with 2000 PSI and 1.4 GPM. It has the capability to siphon water through the pump so if you have a rainwater collector or some other still water you can use that through this cleaner.

Check out this full preview video here – it goes through everything you need to know about the K5.540

I’ve added a software script below to return the best price online (also read on below for some further benefits and other Karcher options):

Benefits of the Karcher K5.540

Karcher makes 3 series of electric pressure washers: K5, K3 and K2 – with K5 being the most advanced and K2 the most entry level. Let’s take a look at the differences between each model series and tell you why the best purchase is the most expensive one – the K5…

K5 (2000 PSI)

  • The K5 series have more PSI and GPM than K3 and K2.
  • They’re also built with more long-lasting parts like the water cooled motor which has 5x the life.
  • K5 series has a hose reel which the others don’t.

K3 (1800 PSI)

  • Most models in this range have no hose reel (all but 1) and so loose hose for you to deal with.
  • The top models in the K3 series are quite similar to the K5’s just less PSI.
  • The models starting in the < 200 region have no hose reel and are quite unstable looking – with their smaller size wheels.

K2 (1500 PSI)

  • Cheaply built with plastic connections and the like.
  • Probably fine for light use and small jobs.
  • Obviously, these units are very affordable and small so easy to store.


Ultimately the recommended option from Karcher is the K5.540. It’s 2000 PSI and 1.4 GPM. You get a versatile pressure washer that can handle pretty much any job you throw at it around the home – gutters and driveway for sure.

The main competitor to the K5.540 within Karcher is the K3.540. The lower model of Karcher is cheaper and you’re getting 200 PSI less but 0.1 GPM more. Also the K3 series doesn’t have the hose reel so you’re dealing with loose hose.

For 200 PSI and a hose reel built-in – worth it I say. What do you think? How annoying will it be to deal with the hose – kinking, getting dirty and blocking water flow to the drain…

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