Here you’ll get a breakdown of the best gas powered Generac power washer, why it’s the best and what some complaints are about it…

Generac Power Washers LogoGenerac has an interesting history. They are a major player in the portable generator market and have been since 1959. The Craftsmen brand and later Caterpillar brand of generators were actually Generac generators re-branded…

Then shortly after Caterpillar stopped using Generac – Generac sold their portable products company indirectly to Briggs & Stratton in 1998 – and then after the non-compete was up in 2007 – went back into the same market and are now leaders… Power washers AND portable generators especially.

It makes you wonder when you’re buying a product how much different they are? If Briggs & Stratton owns all the older Generac patents then B & S is pretty much just a Generac and the opposite as well…

All right enough of that. Let’s look at the pressure washers:

Best Generac Pressure Washer for Most People

Genarac 6024 3000PSI Gas Pressure WasherThis was a tough pick because there are 3 models of Generac that are so close. But the best Generac power washer for most people is the Generac 6022 2,700 PSI 2.3 GPM 196cc pressure cleaner.

It has a sturdy and robust frame perfect for moving around the job-site. The engine is a 196cc OHV engine with the pump at the same level.

In one weekend you could do your driveway, back deck and then charge out your services for $100 a house and do 2 of your friends driveways and back decks (pays off this cleaner in 2 weekends 😉

Below is a listing of the 3 finalists in the Generac showdown:

Benefits of Generac 6022 Pressure Washer 


This washer has a 196cc engine which is the same size engine as most 4000 W generators. And a 4000 W generator can power your fridge, TV, laptop and some lights all at once – this engine is just powering the pump.

2700 PSI and 2.3 GPM is a solid upper level medium-duty pressure cleaner. That means you can do any job around the home and most jobs at the job site. The extra PSI and GPM of the industrial strength washers will be able to do huge jobs faster but this cleaner should do the job if it needs to.

The below chart (click to enlarge) is the Generac Power Washer Sizing Guide and it shows what PSI’s Generac recommends for jobs. The icons on the top are:

1. Car or truck6. Fence11. Barns/stables
2. Boat7. Deck/patio12. Oil stained surfaces
3. Trailer/RV8. Brick walls13. Paint prep
4. Gutters9. Driveways14. Second-stories
5. Home exterior10. Commercial Vehicles15. Large building exteriors

Power Washer Recommended Use Chart

Easy to Use and Store

Generac has kept the fuel tank small to ensure a small footprint for easy storage. The on/off/control switches are at hip level so you don’t have to bend down.

Durable & Reliable

  • All the parts are premium quality to ensure a long life.
  • Never-Go-Flat wheels are used.
  • Automatic shut off protection in case the oil or water runs low.
  • 2 year warranty.


Fuel Consumption

On Generac’s Q&A section of their website, a Team Member has stated that this power washer has a 0.8 gallon fuel tank and it will empty in 1.5 hrs while in use. So 2 thoughts on that:

  1. You’ll need to get a jerrycan. A 5 gallon one will get you over 8hrs runtime and cost about $15 to fill – given the average price of gas is about $3/G.
  2. Generac really wanted to limit this pressure washer to 2 wheels. Generac could have easily doubled the size of the fuel tank on their residential models. But once you get to 2-3 gallons you start needing to stabilize the washer on 4 wheels – and then it becomes more of a commercial unit (and takes up as much space as a lawnmower).


The 196cc engine produces about 69 dBA, which is about the sound level of a vacuum. That means you’ll want to get some hearing protection since the jobs will take longer than an hour…

Wrap Up

For $300 (or so – it fluctuates from $280 to $350) you’re getting a very portable and very powerful residential power washer that will last you many years. It is a lot more versatile than any electric pressure washer because of the job variety this one can handle.

If you plan on using your pressure washer for more than your car and boat every weekend then a gas powered power washer will be better in the long run.

And as an option, once you get really good at pressure washing, you can offer your services for money to folks around the neighbourhood. I mean they’ll see how clean and new your driveway, house, gutters and back deck are and will want theirs to look the same.