Did you know that DeWalt and Simpson brand pressure washers are manufactured on the same assembly line in a 228,000 sq. ft facility in Arkansas?

DeWalt Pressure Washer Brand

Best DeWalt Power Washer

If you’re loyal to the DeWalt brand, as of November 2009, you’re buying a Simpson pressure washer with the DeWalt branding.

This is not a bad thing.

Simpson are the standard in commercial and heavy-duty pressure cleaners. They source Honda engines and a pump Рeither CAT or their own brand AAA pumps Р and put it all together in USA.

In fact, Simpson, on that same assembly line, provides Briggs & Stratton with their industrial power washers. Just that DeWalt gets a Honda Engine and Briggs get Briggs & Stratton engines.

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The Best DeWalt Pressure Washer For Most People

DeWalt 4200 PSI Power WasherIt came down to 3 of DeWalt’s cleaners, but the one that stood out because of value for the money was DeWalt’s 4200 PSI 4.0 GPM gas pressure washer with Honda engine and CAT pump.

When it comes to these heavy-duty pressure washers all that really matters is the engine and pump, and that the PSI and GPM match your needs. This one has a reliable and proven Honda engine (some people are religious about Honda) and it has a CAT pump – arguably the most reliable in the business. And with 4200 PSI this thing makes the washers with less than 3000 PSI feel like a garden hose.

It’s a sturdy unit perfect for heavy residential-use or part-time (4 hrs per day) commercial use. The reason being it has a direct drive pump so over extremely extended use can overheat.


Benefits of the DeWalt


You’re getting a 12 HP 389cc splash lubricated air-cooled 4 stroke gas Honda engine. It has a 1.6 gallon (6L) fuel tank capable of providing full pressure washing for about 1.5 to 2 hours.

The Honda engine itself costs $650 if you buy it one-off. Obviously Simpson is getting them at wholesale cost, but it goes to show that probably 10% to 20% of the cost of a gas pressure washer is the engine (assuming the wholesale cost of the engine is in the $100 to $200 each range).

The Honda is powering a CAT triplex plunger pump that gives you a water jet of 4200 PSI at 4 GPM. This is some serious power – surely enough to take care of the most sticky stains and grimy surfaces. And with 4 GPM you can quickly clean large areas – especially with the help of some accessories.


The Honda brand name has built up a reputation over many years for making well engineered products. They do vigorous quality testing to ensure every engine that leaves the manufacturing floor meets strict specifications. Rest easy knowing your pressure washer is being powered by one of the best engines available.

The CAT brand makes and designs only pumps. They have focused on pumps since the 1960s. Rest easy knowing the pump on your pressure cleaner is engineered and manufactured with the best components and to the highest quality.



Having such power comes with a drawback: the engine is loud. It’s about as loud as a gas lawnmower – not quite as loud as a chainsaw. It is recommended you wear hearing protection.

Wrap Up

With this 4200 PSI gas pressure washer you’re getting enough pressure to clean construction equipment like an excavator or haul truck that has caked on dirt/mud that’s been left for days in half the time as a 3000 PSI washer – maybe even a third of the time with the right attachment…

…4200 PSI means you can just go once over any surface and it will be clean. The unit might cost a bit more but it will save you a lot of time in the long run. Think about that.


1. AAA pumps announcement saying they are made by Simpson and will be used on their pressure washers.