Let’s find out the best pressure washer from Briggs and Stratton. The only company in the world that manufactures more small gasoline engines than Honda.

Briggs and Stratton LogoHere are 3 astonishing facts about Briggs and Stratton:

  1. Over 100 years in business.
  2. Manufacture 11 million engines per year.
  3. Produced lowest-priced car ever at $125.

You know, there’s a reason why most companies choose Briggs and Stratton engines to power their power equipment:

  • They’re affordable. When you hold the record for most affordable car – affordable engine is a given.
  • They’re durable. When you have over 100 years experience designing and manufacturing engines – you can bet they’re durable to hard-use and damage, or they’d be out of business.
  • They’re reliable and easy to maintain. When you manufacture 11 million engines per year you know how long each part lasts. You also build up a network of suppliers to carry your parts. For these reasons and the fact that Briggs and Stratton provides you a detailed maintenance plan – your pressure washer will consistently perform at max.

The Best Briggs & Stratton Pressure Washer for Most People’s Needs

Briggs and Stratton Pressure Washer 2700 PSIMost people live in a home and want a pressure washer to use at home. So the best for most people is Briggs and Stratton’s medium-duty 2,700 PSI power washer.

The advancement on this washer over previous is the engine starts quickly without needing to prime or choke it.

It also has a handle that folds down and rests on the engine to make storage over winter easy. And with 10-inch wheels you can move it around and over objects in your yard without effort.

It offers great value for the money.

Here’s What It Can Do

Your neighbour’s pressure washing her driveway with a small electric pressure washer. You start cleaning yours 30 minutes after she started. The driveways are the same size but it doesn’t matter: you finish first. Your 2,700 PSI 2.3 GPM Briggs and Stratton completes jobs 2-3x faster and more thorough than her small electric one.

Your friend notices that your driveway looks brand new. You tell him you pressure washed it. He looks to rent a power washer for $100 for 4 hours. You tell him to rent yours for $75. He does. He gets a “new” driveway and you just paid for 20% of your cleaner.

There’s no reason you need to stop there. Rent it out a few more times and you’ve paid it off. This is all possible with the Briggs and Stratton 2700 PSI pressure cleaner.

Keep It Residential

Briggs and Stratton pressure cleaners are reliable and durable, and this one kicks out 2,700 PSI at 2.3 GPM, but keep it residential. It’s not recommended to use this washer for large buildings or industrial warehouses or greasy muddy farm equipment. Get a commercial washer if you want to do those things.

It has a 30-foot hose, comes with 4 nozzles and a built-on 1 gallon detergent tank. It weighs 62 pounds.

If you want to make quick work of your car, boat, fence, deck, house, driveway or even the odd caked-on muddy ATV then this is the perfect option for you.

See full specs here…


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