Here you’ll get a breakdown of the best electric powered Annovi Reverberi (AR) Blue Clean pressure cleaner, why it’s the best and 3 customer complaints

AR Blue Clean Pressure Cleaners Logo

Did you know all Black & Decker and Michelin electric pressure cleaners are made by AR?

Yep. Black & Decker and Michelin trust AR enough to license them their brand trademarks. This is fairly common practice and is called badge engineering/rebadging… DeWalt, a brand owned by The Black & Decker Company, has its pressure washers made by Simpson.

Annovi Reverberi is an Italian company that manufactures pumps for residential and industrial use. And have been doing so for over 50 years. In 1989 they started AR North America Inc. to manage their pump distribution in the US. And they started the AR Blue Clean brand to sell their own pressure washers under in 2006…

…And now, 8 years after the introduction of their first pressure washer unit, they have bragging rights for having the #1 bestselling residential-use electric pressure cleaner. Here it is:

Best AR Blue Clean Power Washer For Most People Is: 

1) AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Cold Water 1900 PSI 1.58 GPM

AR383 1900PSI Electric Pressure WasherThe best AR Blue Clean pressure cleaner for most people is the AR383.

It hits the sweet spot in price and power. With 1900 PSI and 1.58 GPM you get 40x more pressure than a garden hose but use 5x less water.

It also comes with a detergent injection system. That means next time you’re out in the driveway washing your car you will clean it faster and better and use less water than if you were using the sponge and garden hose.

Because it’s electric you don’t have to worry about storing it over winter like you would with a gas one. You also don’t have to worry about wearing ear plugs or changing the oil and refilling the fuel tank. You just plug it in and use it without any worries.

AR also has the AR112 with 1600 PSI and the handheld carry unit – the AR118 with 1500 PSI.

Benefits Of AR Blue Clean AR383 Pressure Washer

AR Blue Clean Pump and Motor ImageAluminium pump head and large universal induction motor.

The reliability of an electric pressure cleaner comes down to quality of its pump and motor.

That image shows you the difference between the AR and Karcher power washer internals. Karcher makes great pressure cleaners – their founder invented them! But in terms of value for money the AR is a steal.

Value for money.

The equivalent Karcher cleaner is nearly twice the cost.


A gas power washer is as loud as your lawn mower. You need to wear ear plugs when using them. An electric unit is quiet – you can have a conversation without raising your voice while pressure washing your driveway.

Lightweight at 27 pounds.

It has wheels and a handle to make it easy to move from your garage to where the cleaning job is. But at 27 pounds you can also easily pick it up to put into your car or for storing on a shelf in your garage or shed. A 3 gallon water jug weighs about the same.

Can use indoors.

Unlike a gas washer that exhausts carbon monoxide and other pollutants an electric unit has no emissions so you can safely use it indoors. Maybe you need to clean out your horses stable? Maybe you need to clean your basement floor after it floods?

Customers Who Were Unhappy With The AR383 Said This

Plastic hose adaptor needs to be replaced with $9 brass fitting.

In short: the fitting where you attach the hose to on the washer is not good. This brass fitting is only $9 and won’t leak or break. It easily attaches and you can buy it on Amazon at the same time as your washer so they arrive at the same time. It seems like an easy fix for AR to just include the brass fitting but they don’t yet.

Made in China so cheap product and greater risk for being damaged during shipping.

Made in China is unfairly stereotyped as a bad thing. After-all, it allows us to purchase a more affordable product. Just because it costs less money doesn’t mean it’s low quality. Do you think iPhones are high quality? Well – they are all manufactured in China…

…Companies that have their products manufactured in China don’t just purchase them off some website like and hope for the best. No – they have very strict quality control teams that are employed full-time in China checking their products are to the highest standard. In fact, Annovi Reverberi has 157 employees working in their dedicated facility – AR Performance Pumps – in Shanghai, China.

Hose reel is not that useful because hose is quite stiff and not easily “tamed”. 

Many people complain about the hose being stiff. And because it is stiff it is hard to reel up properly for storage and most just wrap the hose around the pressure washer itself instead of in the reel.


Cleaning Chair With AR Blue Clean AR383 Pressure Cleaner

If you want to clean heavy machinery with caked on mud and dirt on a daily basis this pressure washer is probably not for you. You should get a heavy-duty hot water cleaner if that’s what you need to do.

It is for you if:

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2. Pressure washer brand AR Blue Clean is a brand name of the AR North America company, which is the North American representative of the Italian company Annovi Reverberi S.p.A. Here’s the AR383 power cleaner Instruction Sheet and the AR383 Owner’s Manual in PDF format.

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5. Quote by Shakespeare that rings true with rebadging practices of today: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.”