The Best Hot Water Power Washers For Most People

Here you’ll learn why you need a hot water pressure washer – and which are the best two. Whether you’re cleaning oil/grease off concrete or steel, or washing large construction equipment… Hot water works better faster.

Best Hot Water CleanersHot water power cleaners have a water heater on board to heat water to 200 degrees F – just shy of boiling water.

The water heater is usually powered by diesel fuel, and usually the heater has an electric starter.

If you’ve only ever cleaned surfaces with a cold water cleaner, you’ll be amazed how much easier stains lift with the hot water. It’s the same effect as when you’re cleaning dishes…

Think about how easy it is to clean caked on cheese, for example, from bakeware with hot water and soap versus cold water.

Hot water power cleaners are heavier and more expensive than regular ones because they have the large water heaters on board.

Example Jobs Made Easy By Hot Water Pressure Cleaners:

Hot water cleaners make any size job easier and faster. However, because these cleaners are more expensive they tend to be mainly used in industry as oppose to residential use. Some of the more common uses are:

  • Automotive garage floors with oil stains.
  • Large boat hauls.
  • Agriculture industry equipment like tractors.
  • Mining industry equipment like crushers, transfer chutes, excavators and haul trucks.
  • Large building exteriors.

Important Features of Hot Water Power Washers

Hot Water Heater Internal TubesWater Heater/Burner – The water heater is a cylindrical storage tank with a heating coil/element running through the inside. The internal structure of the tank looks like the picture right. There’s a burner at the bottom the emits a flame that heats the water running through the tubes. Cold water enters and hot water exits.

2 or 4 Wheel Steel Frame Cart (Depending on Size) – As you can see from the picture above right, the water heater weighs a lot. Because of this extra weight compared to normal power cleaner, hot water cleaners need extra support. As such they have bigger wheels and stronger cart frames.

Gas or Electric Powered Engine – On the list below of the best 2 hot water cleaners is 1 gas powered engine and 1 electrical motor. Just like with cold water washers the electrical powered ones are less powerful and more affordable. But they have to be plugged in so in a sense they are less portable.

Best Light-Duty Hot Water Pressure Cleaner


Simpson Mini-Brute MB1223 1,200 PSI Electric/Diesel Powered

Simpson Mini Brute Hot Water Power Cleaner

Simpson Mini-Brute

The best light-duty hot water pressure cleaner is the 1,200 PSI and 2.3 GPM electric powered motor and diesel fired burner Simpson mini-brute.

It has an industrial triplex pump that is powered by a 120 Volt heavy duty induction motor system that plugs into any 3 prong, grounded 15-amp circuit.

As you can see in the picture it has a heavy duty frame and has 13″ pneumatic tires. It only has a 2 wheel cart, but shouldn’t be too hard to move around as it has well leveraged handlebars at waist level.

It comes with 4 nozzles and features down stream soap injection.


Best Heavy-Duty Hot Water Power Washer


Shark SGP-353037 3,000 PSI Gas/Diesel Powered

Shark SGP 3000 PSI Hot Water Pressure Cleaner

Shark SGP Series

In the heavy-duty category, the best hot water pressure washer is the Shark SGP series 3,000 PSI 3.5 GPM gas powered cleaner.

It features a direct drive pump, engine vibration isolators to keep things quiet and has a 6 gallon rust free polyethylene tank to store the diesel burner fuel.

The engine is a gasoline powered 337 CC Honda with a recoil starter.  The whole unit weights 550 pounds and so comes with a rugged all steel chassis and frame with lifting points and 13″ vibration absorbing pneumatic tires.

This pressure washer is perfect for job sites and can offer you the reliability of premium commercial grade construction.


1. I referred to the specs and warranty page of the Simpson Mini Brute brand webpage.

2. Product literature PDF for the Shark SGP series was referenced.

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